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Tom Brady (Tom Brady) occupation career achievement and a few unfinished. Brady will become EA Madden NFL latest cover, above has the G.O.A.T. Edition (the greatest player version of the text). a year ago, Madden curse invasion of the tight end rob Gelon Patriot (Rob Gronkowski), 'let him play 8 games will be declared only reimbursement, on the sidelines watching the Super Bowl 51. The nightmare of new England, however, seems not to be over yet. But doesn't care about the Brady curse, he simply sighed a few words. Brady said: "I grew up in the bay area next to the headquarters of the EA, after joining the football field. Get on the Madden NFL cover is high honor for me. I don't believe what curses, I'm ready to accept the challenge! Madden beat me down!!!" 2016 won fifth gold super bowl ring, Brady is almost accepted G.O.A.T. quarterback. He is a two degree NFL MVP winner, and the number of pass codes (61582) and the numb cheap nfl jerseys free shipping er of arrays (456) are all ranked in the history of fourth.Dave - Gethmann (Dave Gettleman) returned to New York. New York giants Thursday appointed Gayman to become the new general manager of the team. Guttman accepted the team boss John Mara in December 20th (John Mara), Steve (Steve Tisch) - Tisch and served as a consultant and former general manager Ernie Akasi (Ernie Accorsi) interview. The giant also interviewed Kevin Abrams (Kevin Abrams) as the temporary general manager and Lewis Reddick (Louis Riddick), who served in the management of NFL team. Gethmann, a 66 year old, has a profound origin with the giant. He had been in giant management for 15 years between 1998 and 2012. Then he became the general manager of the Carolina panther and helped the team get into the Super Bowl in the 2015 season. has won 40 - 23, 1 - draws in his panther and won the National League Championship in the south for 3 consecutive years. After he took office, he solved the problem of the Panther's salary cap and unearthed a lot of excellent players. But he was unexpectedly dismissal of by the team in July this year needs to be responsible for reorganizing the team's lineup, making a bad offensive front and solving the team's future quarterback. Another big thing he needs to face is the extension of the Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham). The latter will be a free player in 2019. Hetman will have the opportunity to find in the 2018 draft quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) possible successor and shape the future development of the team found. But it remains to be seen whether the giant's conservative decision to hire an old man can work.Miami dolphins running back rahmad Miller (Lamar Miller) because of a shoulder injury leave on Sunday against the San Diego team in the game of lightning. 's Miami Herald reported that Miller's shoulder injury was not too serious and was diagnosed as level 1. The dolphins will not his status report "every observation, and substitute Daniel Thomas (Daniel Thomas) Detroit lions defensive group ready this week's top league away. Miller, the remaining main runner of the Miami dolphin, conducted a restorative training on Tuesday and increased the possibility of coming out of the week. Miller 8 game of the season at the ball 106 times and scored 518 yards and 5 touchdowns, completing 21 receptions for 144 yards and scored 1 touchdowns.In the first half of 2015, Winston, the four point Jameis Winston, has been away from her NFL debut for Tampa Bay pirates for more than a month. So now it may be a good time. Winston has returned to the expected weight. on Monday reported to the pirates and other rookie training camp, Winston made it clear that in the offseason last month when his weight is not a problem. "I'm 236 pounds now," Winston said to ESPN. "I know I'll lose a bit of weight during the training camp on a hot day in Tampa. I got back to my normal weight. I'm looking forward to playing. " In February, , a half naked picture of Winston spread on the Internet, and he looked overweight. Winston's trainer at the time told the media that Winston was just looking overweight in the picture because "he had a tight belt around his waist." no matter whether Winston was really overweight at the time is now insignificant, Winston has obviously returned to the normal weight of the game. According to ESPN reports, Winston and Vincent took over this summer by Jackson (Vincent Jackson), Lewis Murphy (Louis Murphy), Austen - Jenkins Saifulian (Austin Seferian-Jenkins) and Russell Shepard (Russell Shepard) training together to keep fit. "never really offseason," Winston said. "These people have been working hard to get better and try to keep fit. We're ready to go back to the game. "

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