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Chelsea in 2013 and Adidas signed a 10 year contract, the sponsorship contract for 30 million pounds per season, but surprisingly, they were 6 years ahead of schedule to breach of contract, from the beginning of next season and Nike signed a total value of 900 million pounds of sponsorship contracts, is 60 million pounds per season.seventh week night match, Denver Broncos in New York after the win over the jets last week, their country on the West tour, against strong opponents San Francisco home court sits a team of 49 people. The Broncos had record of 4 wins and 1 losses, for the offseason 1 weeks behind the 5 - 1 San Diego lightning team. San Francisco team of 49 people on Monday just after compared with rivals Saint Louis rams game, the Broncos is inactive. offensive and defensive, advantage attack encounters strong defense of the two teams as the super bowl is popular, especially the Denver broncos, by Payton Manning led the offensive team invincible, but the defense has been greatly improved in the offseason after some adjustments. According to PFF statistics, the wild horse team's total attack score is 5.5, of which the pass score is 15.4, ranking in the League fourth, passing the ball to protect the alliance third. The defense scores are am cheap nfl jerseys free shipping azing, score 30.9 points ranked alliance fifth, ranked fourth in the League against running. The 49 team, for 3 consecutive years in the National League Championship, becoming stable in Harper's tune, recently it is even grams of enemies, in the new home court end offensive group letter Philadelphia hawks, the defensive strength is remarkable. According to PFF statistics, the 49 team had a total attack score of 3.8, ranked twelfth in the league, sixth in the league and third in the league. The defense general anti run union sixth, ranked fifth in the league, passing mark is second best in the nba. total data is not difficult to see, the two sides of the attack team's key firepower will encounter the strong defense of the opponent, then the competition will be seen fiercely. games look at see one, can Manning refresh the record Manning's current occupation touchdowns number 506, 508 League record behind Favre is 2, the game he can record in the home court hat trick, need to focus on. two things, the contention between the Broncos offensive in fourth in the league, a team of 49 people pass mark second best in the nba. The off-season weeks back, number one wide receiver de Marius Thomas picked up, will be an important test for the 49 second defense and veteran Patrick - Willis can defend the proximal Feng Zhu Li Si - Thomas, is also an important aspect. on the other side, a 49 old new "combination" alliance of the fourth Broncos suffered rushed the ball sixth, interesting statistics is 49 to the left to punch the ball the total score were positive to the right comments are negative, defensive front to Mustang all star defensive end DeMarcus, led by no matter in the right defense and anti run were at play fast, battle of contradiction is worth a look. look at three, wonderful side counterpart The 49 line on both sides of the alignment: left offensive tackle Joe stari vs DeMarcus - at right tackle, Jonathan - Martin vs von Miller, Capet Nick can comfort the offense or chased all over the court will look at the two.this week to Saint Louis rams defeated the powerful Seattle Seahawks key special teams play wonderful. The goats use several very "cunning" deception tactics to help the team get back in the end. punt return touchdowns of how difficult it is to imagine? in the face of the Seahawks, it is hard to imagine a team with 90 punt return yards completed touchdown. In fact, the game studman - Bailey (Stedman Bailey) that return touchdown, the Seahawks history is long by the distance of second punt return touchdowns. In 1987, the New York jets had been in the game with the Seahawks in completed a 91 yard punt return touchdowns. This is the second consecutive season he completed more than 90 yard punt return touchdowns last opponent is the Indianapolis colts, the distance is 98 yards. is what makes the fake punt successfully? it's hard to imagine what the ram coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) is thinking about before making a false kick. If Jonny Johnny Hank fails to pass the ball, the RAM will directly give the ball to the opponent in the red area of, and the difference is only 2 points. According to the calculation and prediction, if the pass failed, the winning probability of the ram was only 34.9%, and the number was 85.8% after the success of the pass. The prediction shows that if the kick is chosen, it will take 13 seconds and the distance of the abandoned kick is about 40 yards, and the hawk will launch an attack from 42 yards of the half of the side. At this point, the winning probability of the ram is 54%. many long distance Seahawks allowed it to return in the first quarter, rams running back Byrne - Corelle (Benny Cunningham), has completed a 71 yard kickoff return. It is also the long distance back attack, helping the ram to complete the array. The Seahawks last season only allowed it to complete 1 70 yards above the return. Since 2010, there has never been a single game of more than 70 yards by the opponent. For the ram, the 71 - yard kick back attack, also since 2010, the new high.The official website of NFL | chiefs running back | football season of Achilles tendon rupture Joe (Joe McKnight) - who in the glorious moment NFL lasted less than a week. According to the team's official website, the Kansas chief, the chief of the kkansas City chief, tore his Achilles tendon during training on Thursday local time. McNight played the best of his career in the NFL game against the Miami dolphin. He made 6 catches for 64 yards and 2 touchdowns. It was the first time he scored in his career. The University of Southern California New York jets player was selected in 2010 fourth round draft, but he in the game players adapt to the occupation life and performance about his struggle -- a famous news was that in 2010 he was the rookie Mini camp was out. running back Jamal - in the first team Charles (Jamaal Charles) to play the game without showing as running backs, McKnight served as a catcher of the potential. But his season came to an abrupt end after the game.

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