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This week's week night before the game, Lewis crow legend Baltimore linebacker ray (Ray Lewis) said that if he chose to love him more in Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) in his play, not Bill Bailey chick (Bill Belichick). After defeated Buffalo Bill 20 - 13 in the new England patriots, Lewis explained his choice. He said: "Rex and Bill are similar people, but Rex's words are always from the heart. He can build his prestige in the team, no players will not listen to him." Lewis continued to explain: "I just mean to make choices. If you ask me whether I am Rex or Bill, I choose Rex, because he is like a player's father, not just for you to play." , if Lewis is talking about the same points between both of them, they are all NFL's coaches. I believe you will agree, but their styles are quite different. Of course, Ryan and Lewis have taken the super bowl together, and then Ryan is a defensive coach. It is clear that L cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ewis wanted to express is more like Ryan and cooperation rather than said coach Bibeli Ryan is a good. But it is clear that such a statement will be attacked by many people.on the second half of the season in the game, 49 people running back Sean - Deluo (Shaun Draughn) to the fans and the team left a deep impression, is a rare bright spot in the team. ?????????????49?????????????????????????|??????? 49 general manager Trent Bahrke (Trent Baalke) said: "although Sean is the team before entering the season, but his performance is very good. He did win everyone's respect, and through his own efforts, both on the field and in the field, we all expected him to stay in the team. in October last year, Cleveland was sacked Brown Drogba, then 49 people to sign him. In his first 6 games, 76 times a total of 263 yards. Unfortunately, he has since been included in the injury reserve list because of his knee injury. The next season, with Carlos Hyde (Carlos Hyde) the Deluo comeback, is expected to become the team to stay No. 2 running back.tiger news July 9th running back Todd (Todd Gurley) Karli first came to Losangeles after the season as nightmare. After 's outstanding rookie season, the former best attacking newcomer averaged an average of 3.2 yards per hour, and had little chance to get large yards after bad offensive frontline. In addition, the performance of the ram quarterback's weak position also let the opponent defense team be able to run all out. but in the new coach Sean McVeigh (Sean McVay) came to the team, for their new season Karli again full of hope. "I hope so," Gly said when asked whether he would expect more altruism in the new season rams attacking team. "Yes, coach. We want to tell the coach made the offensive team satisfaction." also said he "must love Karli" McVeigh's offensive system. The NFL official website previously pointed out all the positions of the ram Jean Geer Leigh in the formation during the mini training camp. in addition, the second grade quarterback Jared gove (Jared Goff) in the offseason also made encouraging progress karli. Goff was more competitive in the mini training camp. Gly's comments this summer and his comments on the state of the team seven months ago were quite different. In the season fourteenth Zhou sheep lost to Atlanta after Gly Falcon said his team looks like a "middle school team attack group". In January, he told NFL's official website that he was "a nightmare" last season. is still in the summer, and the goats have not been trained to wear armour. But it sounds Karli has changed from last year's nightmare to recover. After all, as he said, "it's not going to be worse than last year."The official website of NFL | Seahawks coach Carol praised the new football shoes | Curitiba The new signature shoes of Stephen (Stephen Curry) have been criticized many times, because the signature on shoes is Chief, so a lot of netizens make various funny comments. Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pet Carroll) recently stood up to speak, the Seahawks coach wrote on Monday to Twitter to tell the world that he knows Curitiba this pair of shoes is 2 Value: I have to say, this pair of shoes is a great creation. then a lot of fans on twitter followed Carol's tone and expressed admiration for the shoe. the fact that Carol has always been a shoe appreciation master, in May this year, he had his own joke Seahawks training shoes, our trainers want me to wear new shoes, I shouldn't call it Air Paternos? , since last month, we have never seen the sign of Nike in Carol's photo. Does this mean that Carol has received sponsorship between Nike and Underarmour? We don't know.

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