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The official website of NFL | Sherman hopes to become an Olympic sport | NFL Football he has a Super Bowl champion ring and he is considered one of the best defensive players in NFL. But Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) wants more. the Seattle Seahawks cornerback hope that he and his companions were able to show their ability to the world. I really want American football to be an Olympic event. It's very cool to be able to play in the Olympic Games. We will be a difficult team to defeat, Sherman said on Saturday in twitter. I know this will never happen, he said later. It's just a cool idea. as a result of the United States' dominance in this sport, American football as an Olympic event may never happen. In addition, only a few countries really have American Football League. Imagine the world every four years to see an American basketball dream team in 1992.The official website of NFL | pony main linebacker Mathis for the season | football Achilles tendon injuries Indianapolis little horse got a devastating bad news today. The best defensive star of the team is Robert Mathis, Robert Robert. The injury occurred in Mathis in Atlanta alone during the training, he was taking drugs bec cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ause, in the 4 game suspension. for the pony, it is no doubt the frost. In the first game, the pony was 24-31 to the wild horse, which reflected that the team was particularly struggling in the past. Last season, Mathis led the league with 19.5 escapement. Today, the 34 year old defensive star to begin a lengthy rehabilitation, the little horse on the weak defense will also become more difficult. Andrew Luck (Andrew) needs to be at the offensive end, making more contributions than expected. , at present, the team will continue to focus on the 2013 season's first rookie Warner Bjoern Warner. He himself has said that the performance of the rookie season failed to meet his expectations, and there will be a breakthrough in the new season. In the first game, Warner finished 3 grappling, but still struggled in the flush.Water polo |23 world tour the world short course record | altar "power power" with the Brazil team swept the gold in the last game, 5 days of the FINA World shortcourse Championships in Beijing at 8 am in Doha perfect ending. Black horse Brazil ranked the top of the medal list with 7 gold, 1 silver and 2 copper. But is this game as the acme of perfection, 45 short course projects a total of 23 world records passed away, far more than the 17 world championships in 2008 in Manchester, called after the world swimming competition to highlight the shark skin short events. Agence France-Presse to "short course swimming world championships breaking 23 World Records" as a special report. In this paper, said the Brazil team last day swept four gold medals topped the medal list, the last day the birth of five world records, the Games were breaking 23 world records is unbelievable. This means that the world swimming fast to the peak of swimsuit era to a certain extent, players do not rely on the rapid swimsuit can further enhance the performance. And some countries that may not have been known as a strong team, this time also because of some of the outstanding players and appear to be thriving. watch the games can also be found in traditional American and Australian Swimming achievement is not very ideal, partly because the two teams have sent the strongest lineup, but the United States and Australia's age structure also makes people afraid, many projects in 96, 97 years the players have in this game debut, sports power this heritage embodied most incisive. , by contrast, European players the game play more strong, many more than 30 year old athletes are able to improve performance, it is not by accident, from the personnel, the number of European teams of athletes is not much, but very much around the athletes of scientific research, medical security personnel, which proves that the European countries pay more attention to swimming comprehensive security aspects. In addition, European athletes have been in the leading position in physical training and strength training. in recent years the swimming world increasingly showing the strength of the power of the trend. Look at some of the world's most popular swimming stars. American Rochette is famous for their backstroke, South African Close's Best butterfly stroke, Hungarian Huns and Spaniard Bell Monto. This power is not only reflected in the stroke of the arm of the swimming race, but also in the turn technology. A player with strong leg strength, a turn can open the gap with others. , compared with the Chinese swimming team, only ranked nineteenth with 2 silver and 1 copper. The athletes who broke the world record did not have the figure of Chinese athletes. Instead, Liu Zige's 200 meter butterfly stroke and China's 4 200 meter freestyle relay were broken by Spanish Bell Monto and Holland. Chinese athletes may 〉The official website of NFL | pirates signed defensive tackle Henry Melton rugby | NFL, the famous media people Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) on Thursday reported that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and defensive tackle Henry Melton (Henry Melton) signed a one-year contract, followed by Melton's agent on twitter confirmed this news. Melton had previously played for the Chicago bear team for three seasons, of which 29 played 15.5 times. Melton once ripped up the anterior cruciate ligament of her knee in the 2013 season. He only played three games, and the season was reimbursed. Last season it changed to the main rotation of the defensive front line, and the 16 games started 3 games. After the regular season, the knee bone contusion was placed on the injury reserve list. After joining the pirates, he will probably be the main rotation of the Gerrard - Mccoy (Gerald McCoy) and Clinton - Macdonald (Clinton McDonald). coach Smith levy Pirates (Lovie Smith) is constantly recruited his year in Chicago bears the old men, after the pirates have signed former bears cornerback Chris Conti (Chris Conte).

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