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In 1930 the team had a match in London and Arsenal at Highbury, returned home after the Portuguese club decided to put the original shirt into red and white style arsenal. Such a wonderful club should not be seen in the world. away kit is light blue body, equipped with a classic Polo. The cuffs are fine lines with dark blue and light blue.NFL official website, NFL regular season eleventh week strength ranking, football nest At the beginning of 11 weeks, the Panther finally had a hard time winning the victory of the long lost civil war. But with the focus on MVP, it is better to see this week playing hand were shocking performance record single week 12 Tifei additional points, several of them playing hand or repeated mistakes in indoor venues. Of course, the 100 yards of the Viking Xavier Rhodes in this week was just as impressive as the alternative to the Wilson-Baldwin. the end of the week, 7 teams will take 0.70+ winrate head into the 12 week: first cowboys (9-1) cowboy fans who don't love Dak Prescott? But the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping reason is still dense cowboy will tell you his slow problem. However, Dak is not only a cowboy to pick up the credit line, and in the second half face tired dog defensive front still can take credit for. If you know the ball, you should think the attack front is also a great highlight of the game. Ezekiel Elliott more unbridled spread legs, Perscott can drink a cup of coffee in his pocket and then consider the pass (the second half, no defensive player can meet Dak, Dak on) can leisurely observation of Jason or Cole Beasley or Witten. And anyway, don't always forget the number one on the Bryant Dez catcher! second (7-2-1) Seahawk has now become the Seahawks properly due to the league's top teams. Sunday was the super big stage for Pete Carroll's team to show themselves. Scary and frightening - the defensive team completely suppressed the eagle's air bombing. Carson Wentz retreated 47 times, the net passing yards but 195 yards. On the other side, the Sea Hawk put on the skill package of the pass attack, Doug Baldwin broke out for two weeks in a row, and the 4 shot was 104 yards. Lack of beauty in the United States? C.J. Prosise will be absent for a while according to the disclosure of Carroll. The rookie has just begun to shine (234 yards in the past two weeks), but has been dimmed by the right scapula. It's a pity. Fortunately, Thomas Rawls returned to the game, and the little beast teacher at the peak of last year seemed to be the same formula. third Patriots (8-2) it is hard to imagine that before this Sunday, the Brady Bay area native NFL in 17 years four health career from the future of San Francisco. He missed the Candlestic〉 in 2008 for a knee injurythe evening of October 24th, the Miami dolphins running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster) announced his retirement. , the 8 - season runner, took a move from the Dezhou to the dolphins. After the first start of the dolphin, a soft tissue injury (second weeks against the Patriots) lost the time, gradually marginalized. After the team has established Jay Ajayi as the main force, Forster announced the retirement of Forster said, "I love rugby game -- from others' praise to criticism, I sacrificed a lot for this sport, but it brought me great joy. Any rugby player dreams of retiring in the way of Super Bowl MVP. However, there are obviously different plans in my life track, which are regrettable and often disagree with the dreams. I don't want to do this in the middle of the season, but my body doesn't really stick to it. , the 30 year old runner, came into effect immediately. Some people asked him why he retired, and he said he could not undergo another process of recuperation (even if it was a small injury). Forster in 2009 by the Dezhou candidates, on 2010 in Kell Shanahan regional people rushed the ball retaining system (ZBS Zone, Block Scheme) in Moscow, Forster the next 5 seasons, the 4 selected occupation bowl. When he left Dezhou, he is Dezhou team history rushing yardage, rushing touchdowns, field size and number, in addition to the team to play the hand of the king. since 2010 the number of free field list: 1 leviant - Baer (Le'Veon Bell): 2 - 121.9 yards, 115.2 yards, Ariane Forster: 3 - Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson): 109.9 yards.even-even soccer equipment recently announced the news of Chelsea with the current shirt sponsor Adidas part company each going his own way, cooperation between the two sides began in 2006, then in 2013 announced the renewal of 10 years, according to the original plan, the contract will expire in the summer of 2023, but Chelsea is ahead of the end of the cooperation between the two sides, so Chelsea also paid $40 million for breach of contract kim. The latest news shows that Adidas is Adidas's dead rival Nike, and according to British media reports, Nike has thrown a fat paper for 60 million pounds per year. there Adidas just from the hands of Nike grabbed the most profitable Manchester, here Nike signed the same giants Chelsea, running again between the sports brand upgrade! ???쨢?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? the original link:

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