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The official website of NFL | Sanchez apparently thinks he can do the first team football | in Philadelphia last week with Eagle coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) announced that the club will be the quarterback competition, the first competition has become increasingly fierce. , but the last 8 games of last season were Mark Sanchez. Mark also seemed to think he could safely wrap the first place in. thinks so, because his contract is 2 years and 9 million dollars to compete for the starting position. He said: obviously, the mode of last season is what we want. I talked with Kelly, so this start is very important for me. There are opportunities in other places, but I don't want to change. There is a year's contract, which is a completely different concept for the quarterback. 's team led by Sanchez finished 4 wins and 4 defeats last season. His passing success rate is as high as 64.1%. He has completed the promotion of 2418 yards and has been cut off for 14 times and 11 times. This is also the best data of his career. Maybe that's the source of his confidence.The official website of NFL | eleventh week review: Newton staged Superman | football performance Superman Newton unstoppable black leopard red skin undefeated against the Carolina Panthers in the home court last week, scored 47 points cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to win the New Orleans saints of the Washington redskins. In the first quarter of the competition, the performance of the two sides made the audience think that it might be another scoring war, but after the first quarter, the match became the score performance of the Black Panther attack team. The first section of cam - Newton Panthers quarterback (Cam Newton) respectively pass to running back Jonathan Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) and Mike Tolbert (Mike Tolbert Wei) made up front, but with the Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins) and Bradshaw en - Jackson (DeSean over Jackson) 56 yard pass the ball up front and Andrea - Roberts (Andre Roberts) 99 yard kickoff return touchdown in color. After the second, the red defense team was fouled by a foul, giving the Panther a chance to push and eventually Newton completed a 2 yard pass. Then the red skin was unfortunate to lose the ball in the attack. The Panther did not waste the chance. Newton finished the fourth pass of the game. The black leopard's free kick shot at the end of the first half to allow them to enter the second half by 31-14. At the beginning of the second half, the red skin came across the ball. The Panther that started the attack in the red red area easily relied on Newton's fifth pass to expand the lead. The game has lost the suspense at this point. Finally, 44-16 of the Panther wins the red skin, and it is worth noting that 27 of them are the leopard's transfer of rights by using a red skin fault. Newton 34 of 21 passes successfully for 246 yards and 5 touchdowns with a career high. Winston Martin together and force pirates against Atlanta has scored 5 passes for the team this week, not only Newton, but also Tampa Bay pirates, four points guard, Jamis Winston (Jameis Winston), who also created the best performance of personal life. With the help of the strong performance of Doug Martin (Doug Martin), Winston led the pirates to the Philadelphia hawk. The game after the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Xianshengduoren, Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) completed 39 yard touchdowns to help leading hawks. However, in the first attack of the second quarter, Winston passed 13 yards to pass the ball. Then run guard Martin completed a 84 yard punching ball straight forward to the 1 - yard hawk line, Winston did not miss the good opportunity to complete the third pass. Sanchez quickly completed the pass to catch the score in the next attack, but Winston completed fourth passes in the attack after piracy, and the pirate took the lead in the second half. In the second half Eagle attack is misfiring, Sanchez suffered a failure, he has 3 times in the second half.The official website of NFL, the Carolina Panthers fired beyond all expectations general manager Dave Guttman, rugby wo on July 18th, the Black Panther of the Carolina made a surprising decision on Monday. Jerry Richardson (Jerry Richardson), the owner of black panther, announced that general manager Dave Gethmann (Dave Gettleman) had been fired. Richardson said in a statement that he made this decision after careful consideration and assessment. He also thanked Dave for his contribution to the Panthers in the past four seasons. Richardson admits that the timing of the decision is not ideal, but it needs to be changed. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a reporter for the NFL official network, reported that the relationship between Gethmann and the boss was stiff. Rapoport pointed out in the last offseason Gately bowl cornerback Josh Mann helped make the occupation - Norman (Josh Norman) between the former and leave Richardson cracks. After was dismissed from geithmann, Norman, the former Panther took over Steve Smith (Steve Smith) and running DAngelo DAngelo (DeAngelo Williams) on twitter. this is a surprising decision, especially considering the time to make a decision. In a few days, the leopard will start the training camp, but now they will be ready for the new season without the general manager. Before geithman left, Danny, Danny Morrison resigned in February of this year. Then the assistant general manager Brandon Bean (Brandon Beane) joined buffalo Bill. made a little success when Gayman was in charge of the team. Although last season, the Panthers only got 6 wins and 10 losses, but in the first three seasons of geithmann's leading team, the Panthers entered the playoffs every season and entered the fiftieth Super Bowl. After Gethmann took office, it improved the Panther's salary cap and worked with the manager of Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) to strengthen the team's lineup. Richardson's decision showed a discord inside the team. Now the Panther will bring a lot of question marks to the new season. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.even-even soccer equipment network the Bundesliga club Monchengladbach today officially launched a special preparation for the team in the new season Europa League champions Jersey player Christof Kramer and Andre · · Hahn appeared in the New Jersey advertising publicity, the team in the game for the first time against the Villarreal in New Jersey unveiled. New Jersey for the team to provide

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