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The official website of NFL | Saifulian - Jenkins is expected to become the next Gonzales? | football day before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Dirk Skrtel (Dirk Koetter) in an interview with a reporter's question, will the second grade team tight end Austen - Saifulian - Jenkins (Austin Seferian-Jenkins) and NFL in the history of the greatest near end Toni - Gonzales (Tony Gonzalez) has made a comparison, said two people have a lot of similarities. Skrtel said: I told you that the health state of the Austen performance reminds me of Toni Gonzales, I coached the occupation career late Gonzales, another tight end coach Jean Embry (Jon Embree) we had worked at the Emirates and Gonzales. Austen is a natural gift. Saifulian - Jenkins is a ball type talent proximal to the front, but the performance of his rookie season and the season only 21 times the ball, he needed the speech with excellent performance to prove their coach. To answer this question in the face of him: I am, he is he, he is the first in the history of the proximal front, so he and I contrast is too flatter cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ing. I just want to do my job well now. As for these comparisons, I'll leave it to the coaches and the media. I just want to be the best I am. , the big man's near front side is the main task of the new season to ensure his health. He missed 7 games last season because of injuries. Besides, pirates intentionally increased his offensive percentage, so he needed to adapt himself to the new offensive system as soon as possible.The official website of NFL | DeShawn Jackson put Rhetoric: no one can stop me | football Washington Redskins star receiver DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson) has always been super confident and outspoken label, he in the local time on Monday in an interview with ESPN on the claim that no one can boast without shame against himself, he said: I think no one can stop me, I always think so. No one can stop me, no matter whether you let Darryl Lives (Darrell Revis) or Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) to prevent me from using it, no one can do it. Jackson said this because the reporter asked him how he felt about defending the new teammate Chris Culliver (Chris) after the training. Jackson is about to enter into his second year in the red, he for his speed, agility and ball feel quite confident that he will be a nightmare. At the same time, he also hoped that his new season's catching times could be improved obviously compared with the 56 time of last season. However, this goal is not achieved by himself. Jackson continued: I have been pursuing progress, and no matter how big the possibility of an attack is, I will go all the way to finish it. Help the team and motivate the teammates with the passion and the passion on the field to keep the high level on the scene. I just tried to get the high level and let my teammates keep up with my rhythm. Although last season red poor record only 4 wins and 12 losses, but Jackson still showed good competitive state, he has 13 times more than 40 yards of the ball in the league in the first, second more than 5 times, the average receiving yards up to 21 yards, far off all alliance player. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the red leather will meet with the jet plane in October 18th, when Jackson will face the front with Lives. Can Jackson be as unstoppable as he said, and it is worth looking forward as sports culture industry development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. record number [Jing ICP 15039405, -1] company address: Beijing, Chaoyang District, Jiuxianqiao, the 12 floor building, creative Plaza, . technology support: Jing ICP, 09045969 Beijing ICP certificate 161324, network audio-visual license 0105097, Beijing network Wen [2016]3642-454, illegal and bad information reporting center: 4000300104 . Copyright? 2004-2015 LETV sports culture industry development (Beijing) Co., Ltd., LeTV Sports Culture Develop (Beijing) Co., Limited All rights reserved. Chinese Internet Credit Union Internet drug information service qualification certificate (Beijing) - business -2015-0012 advertiser Name: music as sports culture industry development (Beijing) Co., Ltd., LeTV Sports Culture Develop (Beijing) Co., Limited ICP, ICP: Beijing No. 15039405 address: Beijing City, Chaoyang District Jiuxianqiao Dentsu creative Plaza building 12, The official website of NFL | jet's new manager fired two college football scouts | last week, Mike (Mike Maccagnan) - based Glam became the new general manager of the New York jets, the new government took office three fire, McCarthy Glam immediately to the management team to make adjustments, he dismissed two college scouts at the weekend, two were played for the team for 14 years Terry Brad Viv (Terry Bladway) with 13 years of Geoff - Bauer (Jeff Bauer), is a household. McCarthy said: today I notice the glam Terry and Geoff, the team and they cannot move forward together, we thank the many contributions of the two people in more than 10 years for the team to make, also wish they could find a good job in the future. In fact, McCarthy Glam would have done innovative preparation, he can then act in office so soon. He has also been interested in Gene Smith, the former general manager of the Jacksonville Jaguar, to try to make it his own assistant. The jet team's draft in recent years is very bad. Only the defensive line guard Mohammed Wilkerson (Muhammad Wilkerson) and Sheldon Richardson (Sheldon Richardson) two people are more colorful.

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