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The official website of NFL | Saggers was fined $8268 for | football due to impact Blount NFL, the dirtiest foul of the season, was only one of the league's stunning penalties. Baltimore team linebacker Terrell Crow - Saggers (Terrell Suggs) to the Pittsburgh Steelers in last Sunday's match due to impact each other Weile Blount GalAT run (LeGarrette Blount) leg was fined 8268 dollars. The official NFL explained that Saggers, with unnecessary rough movements, hit his opponent after the trend of his opponent had stopped. Although this description is accurate, it does not fully describe how dirty his impact is. You know, hitting a man's leg behind a man's backside can cause a serious injury to the other. fortunately not injured Blount. But in the league, the penalty is only heavier than cheap nfl jerseys free shipping that of the wrong socks or the wrong earphones, which is equivalent to the Fouls of the quarterback fouls and the unfielded fielder. After , Blount called Saggers a dirty player, and if NFL wanted Saggers to correct his behavior, he should pay more than his professional player for tens of millions of dollars.According to the official website of NFL reporter at the local time Thursday's report, 49 people in San Francisco will hire Eric Manjini (Eric Mangini) as the team's new defensive coordinator. This season, Manjini is tight end coach team, the transfer of work as the defensive team, with a period of 3 years for his new testament. Manjini had previously, and Oakland Raiders had contact with 49 people to prevent poaching, decided to finalize the contract as soon as possible. The all-around talented person who had been the head coach of the New York jets and the Oakland Raiders had excellent guidance at both ends of the attack and defence. He also had Biliqieke Bill (Bill Belichick) had served as the defensive coordinator experience. According to the , the 49 will continue to use the 3-4 defensive formation. With Alton Smith (Aldon Smith), Patrick Willis (Patrick Willis), Nawoluo - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) and Anthony Becia (Antonie Bethea) will all return in the next season, the defense of 49 people still retains strong competitiveness. The team hopes to return to the playoffs in the new season after the remolding of the coaching team.The official website of NFL | and jaguars cornerback Amu Camara signed 1 years | football Jacksonville Jaguar continued to strengthen the lineup. On Friday, NFL official reporter first reported that the Jaguar has agreed with a former New York giant Prince Amu Kamala (Prince Amukamara) for a 1 year contract, and the details of the contract have not yet been disclosed. Then the Jaguar confirmed the news. After 5 seasons with the giants , Amu Camara left the team. As Norris Jenkins Jia (Janoris Jenkins) to join the giant, Amu Camara also of interest. Of the 99 major free players selected by the official website, Amu Camara ranked twentieth. for the young Jaguar, the experienced player will bring a very direct boost to the second line. The Jaguar has previously signed defensive front players Malik - Jackson (Malik Jackson) and safety Tay Sean - Gibson (Tashaun Gipson).The outside agreed that the Chicago bear might choose to give up his own quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler). 's recent team general manager Ryan Pace told an interview that the team's choice for the quarterback next season could happen. Cutler will bring his lowest salary in 7 years and 126 million dollars contract next season, so if we want to make a decision, the bear team will cut off or trade Cutler in the rest season. said: "a lot of sincere chat is going on here, because we both need to make decisions for the future. Whatever the final choice is, he will be the first to know it. This is my promise to him, though there is no decision at present." The bears have won 3 wins and 13 losses this season. This year's draft No. three has been signed. It is not yet clear whether Cutler can recover from shoulder surgery to return to the 2017 list.

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