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The Nike T - wate 2015-16 Home Shirt did not use any Nike team shirt template, but used a full red shirt. In addition to the Nike trademark white chest, slightly dark chest badge, collar and cuffs on both sides, the shirt is bright red!The official website of NFL | China Football League first round football | forecast , with NFL, will be unveiled in the domestic league, AFLC. The following is a brief forecast for the first round of the league. related content: the Chinese American football league matches East Shanghai vs Hangzhou Osprey goatsucker existing in the team, the Shanghai nighthawks is the earliest established (August 2011), its strength is like shaolin. The Osprey in 2013 1 to build team, despite the rapid development, but the actual combat experience and player overall strength is relatively weak. Nationwide, Hangzhou Osprey progress faster, thanks to the regular and Shanghai team communication had home court victory over the Shanghai Jiaotong University lion, but in the face of the Nighthawk, unless a miracle has a chance of winning. Shanghai Titan vs Shanghai warrior 4 team in the East, 3 in Shanghai, 3 with the potential to win the championship. It can be said that the development of American football in Shanghai leads too much in other areas. The Shanghai warriors established by part of the original Nighthawk member in March 2012, the Shanghai Titans established by part of the original warriors member in July 2013. Although the Titan team built later than th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e Osprey, but they have the ability to challenge the warriors, the warriors game in recent field and the outcome of each other. Titan's rapid development is due to a wide range of publicity and professional coaches, the Titan list is up to 70. And the warriors always have several personal skills and tactics of high players, while the warriors personnel has been carried out in succession, although the number is not much, from 15 in 2012 to 45 now, but its strength is extremely strong, last year the 13 Team West rout of about 40 people is a typical Chengdu horse example. , the Titan Nighthawk warriors, held in Shanghai in the last 3 games in the outcome of each other, the Titan, Titan goatsucker wins wins warriors, warriors - nighthawk. Each team is a home win, and on the other hand it may be because the tactics and style are mutually restrained. The warriors want revenge, Titan will not wait, toss up, and this is the only chance that home court warriors, the warriors more. north area Chengdu vs Chongqing horse pier Although is not the enemy of the same city, it can be regarded as an adversary in his fatality. The 2 mainstays of the last champion wharf quit directly, resulting in a great reduction in the strength of the docks. In the first half of May, the friendly match against Titan in the first half of this year was exploded at 56:0, but after all, they had won the championship team, and in the whole, they still had the strength of the first World War. The horse might not enhance, on June and the city team panda battle horse, there is a long way to go, the first game is away to dock workers, will be a tough game.end of the game: the end of twelfth weeks, 135 games in fourth quarter time difference of only 6 points. Of course, the first 12 weeks in the history of NFL is the most. The Detroit lions, the New York giants, and the three teams in Washington red skin have all the matches this season. NFL history to 12 weeks fourth time difference of only 6 points screenings of the season: season; 12 weeks before the fourth day time difference of only 6 sub field 2016; 135; 2013 124 2004; 124; 2015; 123; 2011; 123; 2007; 123 , in addition, there are 106 games in less than 8 points, 99 games in less than 7 points, and the same time in the same period. twelfth weeks, the lion kicker Matt - Platt (Matt Prater) in the last two minutes to hit the two free kick, the lion was desperate to reverse the victories. The lion is the history of the NFL first front 11 games are 7 points and the difference within the team. NFL history to 12 weeks of 8 points within the longest season: season; the first 12 weeks of 8 points within the place up to 2016; 106; 2015; & nbsp; 97; 2012; 95; 2011; 94; 2003; 9412 weeks ago NFL history 7 points within the longest season: season; 12 weeks before the 7 points within the place up to 〉;The official website of NFL, the deadline is approaching, who will be winning the final puzzle? In rugby wo , the nation's four major sports in full swing, culminating in the baseball, basketball and Ice Hockey League respectively into the new season, the football season, then quietly came to the season, the Mustang Panther opening of the war is like dream last night. American professional sports and European football, there is no rise and fall system, small market team pressure is smaller, which has created a good season in the season. Why does the NFL team have to fill it up? isn't this nonsense? Pay attention to Chinese whatlacks to make up what to eat pig blood, deficiency of Qi blood, not to eat fish eyes Qingming, eat two fried kidney kidney eat it. A joke with you, eat what make up what is in fact not a science, but for the occupation of sports team, according to their own defects and shoved up, is quite effective in recent years are an important complement this season and last season with a six round of the Panthers signed from the bears for future Hall of fame at hand pass Jared - Allen, he helped the Panthers to complement the weak side impact from weakness, reached the Super Bowl panther. said the opening topic. All the teams in the opening season were yelling: we were going to the playoffs and we were going to get the super bowl. Half of the season, all classes of the team began to have a more realistic goal, small clearance sale, wish to sell players, we can find the top pick out open and aboveboard; strong carp, shoved up the puzzle, add weight to the final playoff title or a glimmer of hope. of the American occupation sports like a roaring jet, tourists by class is divided into various grades and ranks, teams sit first-class cabin, the team coach class, bad team can only squeeze warehouse. In the middle of the season, it is very common in basketball, baseball, and ice hockey consortium, which is much bigger than NFL. Does have a super big deal in the season? 1989 has been around, just with the number one pick selected Troy Ekman's cowboy has experienced four successive defeats, the Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson is determined to make a big deal to change the situation of the team, he called the Losangeles Raiders about Prince Eyre - Davies, and asked whether there is interest in the future Hall of fame outside over Michael Irwin, Davies is kindly reminded, if you trade him, who is your ball? At that time, Johnson made a decision to put the star run Herschel Walker on the shelf. Walker has an endless stream of interested people, such as giants, but they are subregional enemies, refusing! Such as the Falcon, but they of the giant Walker contract veiled, quit! Is Brown an olive branch, they have the sincerity to put forward a first round and three second round picks to trade, can be the boss Jerry - Jones and Johnson cowboy moving from the crooked brains, must pull more teams involved, to extort more chips, they gave the Vikings a total Manager Mike Lynn call.

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