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Tokyo FC team in the 2016 season home court Jersey on the red and blue stripes appear in an asymmetric form, jersey with "EX-Energy, Tokyo: Kara world (from Tokyo to the world)" as the theme, "EX-Energy" represents the overflowing energy, the shirts of radial shading Beijing East team declared as the center, the powerful strides towards the world the determination of.although the Seattle Seahawks defensive end Bennet Michael (Michael Bennett) seems to enjoy their own career, his contract at some time will cause discomfort. His performance is far beyond the value of the 4 year value of the $32 million contract signed in 2014, now, the Seahawks meet his wish. Bennet on Friday and the Seahawks signed. The contract is 3 years, worth $31 million 500 thousand, in cheap nfl jerseys free shipping cluding $17 million 500 thousand in income. At the end of October had reported that Bennet is negotiating a contract with the seahawks. it's a wise decision. Bennet is one of the league's top defensive end, since in 2013 since joining the Seahawks his performance surprisingly stable. Join the Seahawks after he scored 29.5 sacks forced 7 off the ball. The Seahawks lucky Bennet did not strike at the start of the season. sometimes NFL players get a big contract for their past achievements rather than the potential for the future. Bennet did not have any signs of decline in performance, but the performance of players like him only a basic salary of $4 million for the Seahawks for. Perfect for the Seahawks tactics Bennet was one of the few who cannot be replaced the backbone of seven people in front of the seahawks. The Seahawks general manager John - Schneider (John Schneider) also deserve praise. Won the Super Bowl champion in 2013 after many Seahawk players become the free player, Schneider is able to manage the team salary cap and did not yield to the player request. When the general manager has so many excellent players in the array, it is easy to give everyone a big contract and damage the team. Either doing it or persuading yourself to find other excellent players. Schneider did not do that, and he succeeded in ensuring that the core members still left the team.Atlanta falcons announced that they got Tennessee 's Titan veteran Andy - Leavitt (Andy Levitre) through the deal. Leavitt himself gave the falcons this year's slogan on twitter, suggesting the deal. Titan signed Leavitt in 2013 with a contract of 6 years and 46 million 800 thousand dollars. In this transaction, they will get the sixth round draft of the Falcon draft next year and a conditional draft of 2017 draft. After 's first pre - season, Leavitt's position in the first line-up was replaced by Byron - Baer (Byron Bell). Last season, the Titans defeated the Minnesota Vikings in the 24-17 preseason enabled Baer and rookie Mathias defeated iosu (Josue Matias) and did not let Leavitt play. Titan began to use bigger players on the offensive front line, Leavitt's bad performance and the smaller body size -- 6 feet, 2 inches and 303 pounds -- let the team decide to give up him. when he joined Titan, he got 10 million 500 thousand dollars in the signing bonus. His contract had a total income of 13 million dollars, and his salary reached 6 million 500 thousand dollars this season.The official website of NFL | Steelers linebacker Ryan sand zirl missed Monday night race | football Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazil (Ryan Shazier) due to a shoulder injury, will miss the Monday night game, which will also be missing his third straight game. Ryan did not take part in the training of the team on Saturday. He was injured in the second week against 49 people in San Francisco. He finished the team's most 15 tackles and contributed 1 quarterback and 1 drop shots. Since 2014 was selected after the Steelers, Ryan in the 21 game the Steelers missed 10 games.

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