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Denver Mustang announced on Wednesday local time that kicker Connor bass (Conner Barth) was retreated. It is reported that the aim of the move is to hollow out a large list for the new joining Evan Mathis. as buss was cut, the team's other kicker, Brandon Macmanus (Brandon McManus), will be the first of the team. Last season, because of the first kicker Matt Platt (Matt Prater) suspension, Macmanus joined the wild horse from the New York giant. as a result of Macmanus's struggles, the team also signed another kicker, bass. During the wild horse, Barth's hit rate was only 69.2%, and his ability to open the ball was very limited and was eventually discarded.the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie kicker Roberto Aguayo (Roberto Aguayo) the poor performance continues. The joint training with Cleveland Brown on Tuesday, Aguayo 6 attempts to kick only 3 successfully, pirates fans to him my boo. "he's struggling," Dirk Koetter, the manager, said in training. "He's a bit of a struggle now. He has to work hard to solve the problem. " had 2 free - kick shots and 1 additional shots in the first two pre - season games. In the whole college career of Florida State University, he made 19 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 8 attempts in the extra shot, and he succeeded in 9 shots. Kurt was asked if he thought the poor performance and psychological factors related to aguayo. Kurt gave an affirmative answer. While Aguayo also admits that this, he expressed his confidence is affected. ????????????????????????e????????50?????????????????????????????????????????? Aguayo succeeded, he and his teammates celebrate. They also asked him to speak after the end of the training. "I haven't felt this way... Winning shot," said aguayo. At the same time in , Aguayo team after the pirates cut kicker Patrick Murray (Patrick Murray) is now playing for Brown, he was shot 4 times in the joint training of all successful.when coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) said earlier this week the Arizona Cardinals will let rookie Logan - Thomas (Logan Thomas) served as the starting quarterback, he will keep a posterior, promised that if the rookie looks not ready, he will immediately change the selection. a few days later, Arians will change her mind. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to two people familiar with the news reported on Thursday that the Cardinals plan to let veteran quarterback Ryan Lindley (Ryan Lindley) served as the starting quarterback against San Francisco on Sunday 49 people in the game. The original plan Arians start Thomas, that he showed in the training they can control the attack and served as the first group. But Rapoport said Thomas did not do it in the training. When this week appointed Thomas as a starter. Arians say this step is to understand more of the rookie can do what is not the end of the evaluation of lindley. Thomas took only two bad training let Arians realize that they can not let the arm has a strong rookie in the regular season finale episode. Lindley in play against the Seattle Seahawks game only completed 41% passes, led the team to get 6 points, and in his 225 career touchdown pass not made. But he is still more able to cope with aggressive 49 - man defense than Thomas, a four - round show that is considered part of the team's long term plan. has made the playoffs the Cardinals hope Stanton original four starting quarterback Drew (Drew Stanton) to return next week. Before Stanton return the Arians to estimate the probability in 85%. If the Cardinals held in their home court hoping to play the super bowl, they will need to return the veteran quarterback in the playoffs.Bowling | Longmarch Bowling Tournament 3 / 2016 Series tournament will be held in late March 19th 19:30 start welcome friends to come to attend the ball! 2016 open Longmarch bowling series competition aim: to promote bowling and provide a platform for Chinese and foreign bowling enthusiasts to compete and communicate. Game time: week: every Friday night at 19:30 month: third Saturday night, 19:30 Finals: 19:30, December 17, 2016 (Saturday) 1 16 February 20th March 19th April 16th May 21st June 18th 7 16 August 20th September 17th October 15th November 19th December 17th Venue: , 288 Minhang gymnasium, Minhang District New Town Road, Shanghai qualification and registration fee: week: 60 yuan / person time. Anyone can participate in. month: 150 yuan / person time. Anyone can participate in. Finals: 300 yuan / person time. Anyone can compete in. outside competition: 120 yuan / person time. The enrolment fee of the outer competition is all as a bonus for the meeting. Each competitor of the month and the annual finals will participate in the. voluntarily competition rules: 1) contestants sign up and leave the contact way. A bonus player needs to produce a valid identity card. 2) the switch wheel is used to open the foul. Draw a draw to determine the race track. If the ball is displaced, reset the bottle. The ball is not valid after the ball has gone out of the ball. The bottle is not valid when the machine is touched by the machine. Other rules refer to FIQ competition rules. 3) week by 3 weeks. Packet elimination game three innings. The first Council: all players play a game rankings. Second: the first Bureau of the highest score against the lowest score, second against second in the countdown, followed by analogy. Group A included in the second game winners losers included in B. Group. Third Bureau: A group and B group while playing a game, A group and B group. group ranked according to their scores 4) the 3 game total score system is adopted in the month. The annual final adopts the 4 game total score system. 5) the registration fee of the week is 60 yuan per person. (of which 20 yuan is used as the competition organization and the charge for oil, and the other 40 yuan is assigned as the bonus of the tournament). 6) women and men are full of 6〉

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