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The official website of NFL | Rodgers attended the NBA draft and Wisconsin rugby players celebrate | The NBA show is certainly an exciting event, and the Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) ensures that he is not absent. , who was publicly supporting the basketball team of University of Wisconsin during the crazy period of March, appeared at the NBA draft spot of Barclays center. He came to support his friend Sam Dekker (Sam Dekker). After being selected by the Houston rocket, Dekker and Rodgers took a couple of photos with the hat of the Rockets. On twitter, Dekker wrote: another big brother came to New York to celebrate. earlier this year, Dekker revealed that Rodgers inspired him to play a brilliant performance before University of Wisconsin's victory over the University of North Carolina, and he responded to the ruling performance with the highest score of 23 points. Obviously, their friendship will continue.The official website of NFL | chiefs tight end Cares is the most und cheap nfl jerseys free shipping errated players in the league football | Kansas Emirates became the most heated team in the League since they lost their first game to the Tennessee Titan in the first game of the new season. But in the past 7 games and did not rely on over win over a touchdown after we got 6 win. but besides Jamal Charles (Jamaal Charles), how does Arrakis Smith (Alex Smith) pass the ball attack? NFL media analyst Mike Mike (Mike Mayock) gave the answer on the NFL broadcast column with the chief defense coordinator and the manager in depth understanding of the most underrated attacking players in the league. His answer is the emirate's two grade near end Travis Cares (Travis Kelce). at the Emirates team ball number and code number, being slightly inferior to Dwayne Bao Wei (Dwayne Bowe), but with 4 touchdowns to lead the team. According to professional football focused websites, Cares is the most efficient one in the Union's current near end. , who was a quarterback, had only 2 years of experience in the near end, but he had a monster figure and strength, and his 40 yard score was 4.61 seconds. Two years ago he even graduated from Cincinnati when he was brought in with Jason Witten (Jason Witten), Heath Miller (Heath Miller) of these alliances outstanding tight end, but since August this year the "alliance" around the broadcast has said that Cares is a movement of the less able kousky gloon. because of his injury, he played less in the first season, but Cares showed great potential. With Charles and Smith, he became the most appreciative nuclear weapon in the league.The official website of Dezhou boss NFL | about Forster injured: not surprisingly | football earlier this week, Houston Dezhou star running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster) injured his ankle in training, the new season is expected to be out for more than half of the game. Forster's health problem has been unreassuring. He missed 11 games in the last two seasons. But Forster did not give the injured team boss Bob McNair (Bob McNair) is a big blow, because he had been prepared. McNair told local media in Houston: "I'm not surprised. It seems that every year he has various kinds of muscle and soft tissue injuries. Our team is praying for him every day, hoping that he won't get hurt, but he seems quite vulnerable in this aspect. Of course, we still believe that he can return to the middle of the season and help the team forward. The injured Forster for Dezhou people fighting major, lack of the Dezhou people have to take over the quarterback and on Bill has been asked Obrien (Bill O Brien) attack system problems, and now even depend on the ground offensive is no longer reliable, now the Dezhou people can only let Alfred Bruce (Alfred Blue). Chris Polk (Chris Polk) and Jonathan Rimes (Jonathan Grimes) - took turns to compensate for Forster's absence left vacant.The official website of NFL |NFL film company founder Ed - Cyber death | football NFL movie company founder Ed (Ed Sabol) - Cyber Monday died in Arizona, a DELL home, at the age of 98. , who was elected to the Professional Football Hall of fame in 2011, led the NFL film company to revolutionized the way of sporting events with his vision. While he was in charge of the company (1964-1995), NFL film company won 52 Emmy Awards. at first, cyberspace was just an amateur photographer and filmmaker. In 1962, he successfully competed for $5000 to the right to shoot the New York giants against Green Bay Packers' NFL championship in 1962. The longest day of his name as a professional football made the League buy his Blair film company and renamed the NFL film company. has many innovative elements under his command. For the first time, let the coaches, referees and players use microphones to add pop music to the clips, and, of course, videos of players' disgraces. , who graduated from Ohio State University, served as president of the NFL film company until 1985. He later handed the post to his son, Steve, who died of brain cancer in 2012, at the age of 69.

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